Hospital facilities in Ambalangoda Division


Name/ Location Address Telephone
Ambalangoda District Hospital Polwatta, Ambalangoda +94 912 258 444
Ayurveda Hospital Polwatta Polwatta, Ambalangoda +94 913 095 340
Batapola Rural Hospital Batapola +94 912 260 232
Roseth Private Hospital Ambalangoda +94 912 258 852
Suwana Private Hospital Ambalangoda +94 912 256 133


There are two government hospitals in the Ambalangoda Divisional Secretariat Division and the Polwatte District Hospital is the premier. Batapola Rural Hospital is other hospital. In addition there are two private hospitals in Ambalangoda. Roseth Hospital and the Suwana Hospital are the two hospitals. The Balapitiya hospital is often visited when providing health services to people in the area. In addition, the Polwatta Ayurveda hospital also has a substantial draw and treats according to the Ayurvedic system. The hospital was recently developed by the Southern Provincial Council with a high cost.


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